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Lord's Supper

Should I take communion?

If you are visiting with us you may wonder whether or not you should receive the Lord’s Supper. We do not wish to exclude from the Lord’s table anyone of our Christian brothers or sisters who may be visiting. We also don’t want anyone to partake merely as a form or ritual, or just to be sociable! In fact, the Bible says it would be dangerous to do so. This isn’t our table. It’s not the table of the Russell R.P.C. It’s the Lord’s table. Therefore we try to follow His instructions in the Bible as closely as we can.

 In light of Scripture, we ask that those who have never participated in the Lord’s supper with us before to meet with the elders before the worship service. In carrying out this duty of oversight in Christ’s church we desire to know if the following are true:

  • You have been born again by the power of the Holy Spirit, have repented of your sin, and are trusting Jesus Christ- alone- for your right standing with God.

  • You have been baptized (either as an infant or as an adult) in a gospel, Bible believing church. Baptism (the sign of union) must always precede the Lord’s Supper (the sign of communion).

  • You are not living secretly or unrepentantly in sin but are striving by the help of the Holy Spirit to glorify God with your entire life.

  • You are a communing member of a church that proclaims the gospel. (If you are not, then we invite you to consider becoming a member here).

  • You have not been excommunicated or asked by your church to refrain from taking communion. (We respect the discipline of other churches and we do not want to encourage the evading of accountability by allowing unrepentant people to do what their own congregations do not allow them to do).

 If the answer is “Yes” to each of the above, then we welcome people in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to His table. We believe He wants you to renew your covenant bond with Him and with us in this way. If you cannot say “Yes” to each of these things- or if you are not sure- then we ask that you please refrain from partaking at this time, and we invite and encourage you to speak with the elders here about how to take steps to enable you rightly to enjoy communion with Christ and His people.